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From the inaugural WPT Montreal in 2012 up until the present day, the relationship between Playground Poker Club and partypoker has produced some of the greatest poker events in Canadian history. Playground Poker Club is thrilled to announce that we have formed a new long term strategic partnership with partypoker - a partnership that will provide Playground visibility on the partypoker client, and enable players to qualify online for a number of our live events.

This new partnership is already in effect, as players can now find a ‘Playground’ tab within the Live Events tournament lobby on partypoker. Wanting to kick things off with a bang, partypoker and Playground Poker Club bring the Grand Prix Poker Tour to Canada for the first time ever! The Canadian Grand Prix is a $500,000 guaranteed tournament that will feature 8 live Day 1 flights on September 2nd and 3rd - but in a unique crossover format, it will also feature 20 online Day 1 flights starting on August 7th! At just $100 + $9 to enter any Day 1, this may be the best value in global poker today!

Players in either Day 1 - live or online - will have the same goal: to qualify for Day 2 on September 4th at Playground Poker Club. On Day 2, everyone who has qualified will come together on the live felts to play down to the eventual winner and what is certain to be a huge payday!

The Canadian Grand Prix tournament is part of the inaugural World Cup of Cards (WCC). Running from August 18th through to September 14th.
Playground Poker & partypoker form new partnership!
August & early September are traditionally pretty quiet times in the global poker calendar. There’s a “summer camp is over” feeling as players return home from their annual sojourn in Las Vegas and wait for the big mainstream Tours to crank back into action in the fall.

At least it was quiet... until now! There’s a new festival on the calendar, as Playground Poker Club is getting ready to welcome the world to the 2016 World Cup of Cards. Running from August 18th through to September 14th, the WCC and its $2,000,000 in Prize Pool Guarantees is definitely a festival you won’t want to miss.

The World Cup of Cards is an entirely new entry on the global poker scene. With tournaments representing many different tours and supported by sponsors who have rarely - if ever - worked together in the past, the WCC is focused on giving players what they want - fun events, huge guarantees, and a ton of value for their poker-playing dollar!

One of the highlights of the WCC is the number of non-Hold’em events on the schedule. Vegas is the only other place in the world you’ll find over 25% of the scheduled tournaments in other forms of poker including not only PLO but Omaha8, 5-Card Omaha, and 2 variants of Pineapple!

That’s not to say that the WCC has anything against Hold’em! The range of NL Hold’em events on the schedule has never been seen before in a festival of this scale. In fact, there’s a huge $5,000 + $400 NL Hold’em 8-Max tourney that will generate a monster prize pool for players looking for a large buy-in event.

The entire WCC itself is bookended by Event 1 - a NL Hold’em Quantum event with 10 starting days and a $200,000 Guarantee! Its first starting day is on August 18th - and the final Day 3 of the event wraps up on September 14th - the very last day of the WCC! The Quantum is a tournament available to players of any comfort level, as each flight has a different price point. There are advantages to playing in the later ones, such as a larger starting stack, however where else will you find players buying-in for $170 and $2200 in the same field?

The rest of the first week of the WCC is dominated by the WPT National Montreal and it’s massive $400,000 guarantee! The WPT National Montreal features 7 starting flights and is priced at $500 + $65, an amount that allows card players of every level the opportunity to participate in a World Poker Tour event. This is big time poker, with a big guarantee, at a price everyone can be comfortable with.

As soon as the WPT National Montreal wraps up, attention will turn to Playground Poker Club’s 3rd All-Stars for Starlight event hosted by hockey legend Larry Robinson. With a $100,000 Guarantee and 4 Day 1s, this next-day re-entry event is a bona fide classic at Playground Poker Club; they’ve paid out over $2 Million in prizes since 2013 using this particular format!

Next on the schedule is a North American first - the Grand Prix Poker Tour is headed to Canada! The GPPT is a tour created by that features an innovative live & online crossover format. There will be 8 GPPT Live starting flights during the WCC - but there will also be 20 online starting flights! With a $500,000 Guaranteed prize pool for just a $109 buy-in, this might be the best value in global poker today!

Following the GPPT event will be a Players Poker Championship Tour event. The tourney will be a $300 + $30 NL Hold’em tournament with a huge 50K starting stack. A portion of the prize pool consists of packages to the PPC Aruba World Championship in November 2016. These events have proven to be extremely popular over the past few years, and it’s a great addition to the WCC.

It’s Season IV of the Card Player Poker Tour, and for the first time ever they are bringing an event to Canada! The CPPT World Cup of Cards will be a $1500 + $150 NL Hold’em event with 2 Day 1s (best stack advances) and an awesome $400,000 Guarantee. Throughout the WCC there will be satellites for this event, which should make it accessible to everyone!

In addition to all of these amazing Tours, the World Cup of Cards will feature a full range of Hold’em and non-Hold’em format events, all managed by what has been called the best tournament poker room in the world: Playground Poker Club.

Welcome to the World Cup of Cards!
The World Cup of Cards is coming to Playground Poker ClubThe World Cup of Cards is coming to Playground Poker Club
There are some great new events on the calendar as the Playground Power Weekend returns from June 15th to 21st. With 5 tournaments on the schedule, there’s something for everyone!

Kicking off the weekend will be the All-Stars for Starlight event. The event, hosted by hockey legend Larry Robinson, is a $135 + $25 NL Hold'em Re-entry tournament with a massive $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool! It features 4 starting flights on June 15th, 16th and 17th at 7:00pm plus one additional flight on Friday June 17th at 11:00am.

The $25 tournament fee will be given as a charitable contribution to the Starlight Children's Foundation Canada. Visit the Power Weekend mini-site for more information.

There are three additional events before (and during) the Power Weekend Main Event.

  • Wednesday June 15th at 12:00pm: The ever-popular $70 + $10 NL Hold’em Win the Button.
  • Thursday June 16th at 12:00pm: A $90 + $10 + $25 NL Hold’em Bounty.
  • Sunday June 19th at 7:30pm: A huge $100 + $20 + $100 NL Hold’em 50/50 Bounty.
The Power Weekend Main Event is a $500 + $50 NL Hold’em Deepstack Re-entry tournament. There are two starting days: Day 1a on Saturday June 18th at 3:00pm and Day 1b on Sunday June 19th at 11:00am.

This tournament is a little different than our usual next-day re-entry events - players are permitted one entry AND one re-entry per starting day (until the end of level 6). Players who qualify for Day 2 will return on Monday June 20th at 7:00pm and the final Day 3 will begin on June 21st at 7:00pm.
June’s Power Weekend is just around the corner!June’s Power Weekend is just around the corner!