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After about 43 hands of heads up play between competitors that saw the lead swing one way and then the other, Seth Davies has defeated Ruben Percival to emerge victorious in the WPT Canadian Spring Championship!

After a long stretch of play during which the players had relatively even stacks, Ruben slowly started to accumulate chips until at one point he was the clear leader in the tournament – only to have the stacks return to about even when Seth hit a on the river to make bottom pair and take a big pot. They exchanged the lead a couple of times after that, but the general trend was in Seth’s favour – and eventually Seth had a 3-1 advantage and the clear momentum in the tournament.

On the final hand of play, Seth raised to 275K and Ruben defended his blind – the players went to the flop.


Ruben was first to act: check. Seth bet 375K and action returned to Ruben, who raised to 1.075M.

With top pair/good kicker and back door flush possibilities, Seth made the call. The dealer set out the turn card.


Ruben had just over a pot-sized bet left in his stack, and chose to lead out to 800K. Seth made the call.


Ruben shoved – he was all in on the river… and Seth went into the tank. He was clearly feeling the pressure, required to make a hero call to potentially end the tournament – or to take a huge hit to his stack. Eventually, with a huge sigh, he made the correct call and with that, Seth Davies is our Champion!

2016 WPT Canadian Spring Champion: Seth Davies – $256,390.00
The 2016 WPT Canadian Spring Champion: Seth Davies!The 2016 WPT Canadian Spring Champion: Seth Davies!The 2016 WPT Canadian Spring Champion: Seth Davies!The 2016 WPT Canadian Spring Champion: Seth Davies!
Apr 11, 2016 Another Two Jackpots!
This past Wednesday April 6th was another two-jackpot day at Playground Poker Club! First, the Primary BBJ was won at about 3:30 in the afternoon on Table 5, a $1-$2 table, and later that evening the Secondary BBJ was won as well! As the day begun, the Primary Jackpot sat at $250,000 while the Secondary Jackpot was, as always, fixed at $25,000.

The Primary BBJ saw a very rare straight flush over straight flush hand develop as the two players in the hand started with and . The flop gave both players their flush draw: , and it was unknown to them, but each of them had a draw to a straight flush as well. Both players made their flush on the turn, and all of the chips in each players’ stack were wagered at that point. The river was magical - the gave one player his gutshot straight flush while it was also the top end of his opponent’s straight flush… and no matter what, a straight flush losing to another straight flush is always a Primary BBJ!

The payout for the loser of the hand (straight flush to the 8) in the Primary BBJ was $95,000, while the winner of the hand (straight flush to the Ten) won $47,500. The other 6 players at the table each took home $7,917, and the final 20% of the jackpot is shared amongst all of the other NL Hold’em players at a table when the Jackpot hand occurred.

Next came the Secondary BBJ. The Secondary BBJ is fixed at $25K and only requires that a player (playing both cards) loses with at minimum a full house of Aces over Kings. The hand in question was quite a bit bigger than that, however - a straight flush (diamonds) to the beat Quad Tens! In this hand it was the turn card that proved to be decisive - the completed the gutshot straight flush draw while also giving his opponent his Quad Tens.

The loser of the hand won $11,875, the winner of the hand won $5,937.50, and the other players at the table each earned $989! Congratulations to those winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners on Wednesday!

Another Two Jackpots!Another Two Jackpots!Another Two Jackpots!Another Two Jackpots!
Join us at Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake for the 2016 Playground Poker Spring Classic, presented by The Spring Classic, now in its 4th year, features 17 events including the $3,200 + $300 WPT Canadian Spring Championship. Action gets underway April 17th and continues until May 5th.

This year's WPT Canadian Spring Championship is a $3,200 + $300 5-Day tournament with 3 Day 1s. For the second year in a row, the WPT Canadian Spring Championship is the first event of the new World Poker Tour Season. This will be the WPT Main Tour Season XV.

The Spring Classic will get underway with the legendary Wild $150 ($135 + $15 NL Hold'em Re-entry), with a $100,000 prize pool guarantee! Everything about The Wild $150 is managed exactly like a marquee, world-class event - except that with a buy-in of only $150, it's accessible to everyone.

Other highlights of the Spring Classic schedule:

  • The $250 Frenzy - $200K Guaranteed!
  • A WPT Canadian Spring Championship super satellite with a huge 20 Seat Guarantee!
  • A $500 + $100 + $500 50/50 Bounty Event - a bounty tournament on a HUGE scale!
  • A $500 + $50 PL Omaha Single Rebuy event.
  • The $1,650 Second Chance event, starting on May 3rd
  • A Women's Tournament and a Seniors' (50+) Tournament
  • 9 events with a buy-in of less than $300 - there's something for everyone in the Spring Classic!
For a full schedule, information on how to qualify, and a handy FAQ to answer all of your questions, please visit our Spring Classic mini-site:
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