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Playground Poker Club is pleased to announce the launch of a major new event on the Canadian and global poker scene: the partypoker Million. The Million, sponsored by partypoker, is a multi-phase tournament that will culminate with a $5,000 + $300 event to be hosted at Playground Poker Club in May 2017.

Boasting a $5,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool including a Canadian-first $1,000,000 guarantee for the first place winner, the partypoker Million will be one of the largest events in the history of Canadian poker.

The Final Phase will be hosted in May, but players don’t have to wait until the spring to jump in the action. The partypoker Million features multiple online and live phases working together to lead to the ultimate goal of competing for the Million dollar first prize. The tournament gets underway as early as December 16th with the Live $500 + $50 Phase 1 tourney at Playground Poker Club, part of the Club’s 6th Anniversary celebrations.

Phil Sabbah of Playground Poker Club explains how a Phased tourney works: “Phases are an innovative way to offer huge tournaments to players who might not normally play such a big event. In Phase 1, the buy-in is just $500 + $50. But it’s not a satellite: Phase 1 is definitely part of the real tournament. The structure, starting stack size and blind levels will be those of a regular multi-table tournament, not a satellite. Players who qualify through Phase 1 will even take their finishing stacks to the Final Phase in May.”

Stay tuned for additional Phase 1 tournaments to be held both online and live in early 2017, and the Final Phase schedule will be released early in the new Year.

Playground to Crown its first Millionaire!
The certified Hall of Famer, all-around poker legend and the voice and face of the WPT for its entire 15 year history has added to his legend and made history at Playground Poker Club by winning this $3,850 NL Hold’em event, now in its 5th year. For his victory, Mike wins $405,880.00 in cash, a US$ 15,000 entry in the WPT Tournament of Champions, the Playground Poker Champion’s Belt, his name (further) immortalized on the WPT Champions Trophy as well as a gorgeous Hublot watch and a pair of gold Monster 24K headphones!

Mike and his heads up opponent, Benny Chen, engaged in a truly epic heads up battle that lasted 157 hands before a champion could be crowned. Benny proved to be an extremely skilled player and held a large chip advantage for long stretches of the evening, but Mike proved to be up to the challenge and kept on grinding, sometimes with a small stack, sometimes with more… until finally he took the chip lead in hand #262 – and secured the victory just 2 hands later.

In the ultimate hand of the night, Benny was first to act and shipped preflop for 8,150,000 in chips. Mike looked at his cards, let out a “Whoa” and instantly called, turning over . Benny flipped over – and would need some help to keep any of his chips.

The flop was spread from right to left: – a queen was the door card, the final card revealed on the flop. Mike raised a fist into the air in celebration – all he had to do was to fade Benny’s gutshot draw… The turn was which, though it connected well with Benny’s hand and the board was pretty much a blank in reality... and then a real blank on the river, the ! And Mike Sexton was the champion!

Mike Sexton has won the 2016 WPT Montreal!Mike Sexton has won the 2016 WPT Montreal!
Pascal Lefrançois has won the $10,000 + $400 NL Hold’em High Roller event in the 2016 Playground Poker Fall Classic presented by! Lefrançois secured the victory by beating Mark Radoja in heads up play after the two of them had dispatched the 39 other players vying for the title. For his victory. Lefrançois won $128,000, the winner’s share after a deal had been concluded with 2 players remaining.

Pascal Lefrançois and Mark Radoja played heads-up for about a half-hour. For those two to end up playing heads-up was a natural outcome, as they had played a lot of hands together since the formation of the final table. They were constantly testing each other in a variety of different scenarios, as if to prepare for the match to come.

They started the heads-up match with even stacks, and were playing for $8,000.00, having split the rest of the pool evenly. Playing 10K/20K/a3K, there were 61 big blinds in play. They played small ball poker, seeing a lot of flops and dancing around one another. Radoja was the first to get a significant chip lead, getting to a 3 to 1 ratio pretty quickly. But then Lefrançois fought back, and eventually the tables were turned, favoring Lefrançois by the same margin. After losing a few more blinds, Radoja set a trap by limping from the button. Lefrançois took the bait, and shoved from the big blind, for an effective bet of 12.5 big blinds (Radoja had 250K left). Radoja made the call and simply opened his hand.

Mark Radoja:
Pascal Lefrançois:

Lefrançois was not in great shape – until the community cards were dealt. The board came , hitting Pascal just enough to give him the pot, and the two friends immediately stood up to shake hands.
Lefrançois crowned Champion of the High Roller