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The WSOP Main Event is well underway in Las Vegas, and Playground Poker Club would like to extend a hearty Good Luck to a few of our friends. Our list includes Players Club members as well as a few other players we have built relationships with over the years - some of them went deep in a big event we've thrown, or they come to all of our big events, or they're regulars or staff at the club.

Good luck to everyone!

Day 2AB:
Players Club - Antonio Esfandiari, Chanracy Khun, Jeff Gross, Valerie Ross. Other friends - Mukul Pahuja, Tony Dunst, Samuel Chartier, Michael Malm, Laurence Grondin, Yann Dion, Vincent Jacques, Tim Reilly, Alim Perales, Sorel Mizzi, Ryan Rivers, Mike Linster, Eric Afriat, John Pentefountas, and Gaya Louali.

Day 2C:
Players Club - Jonathan Roy, Gavin Smith. Other friends - Jonathan Duhamel, Jay Kastner, Derek Lerner, Carter Swidler, Jeff Cote, Carla Sabini, Guillaume Rivet, Jaspal Brar, David Barter, Alexander Wong, Matt Marafioti, Doris Charlebois, Victor Ramdin, Chris Annouza, Thiago Nishijima, Vinny Pahuja, and Ronnie Bardah.

Antonio Esfandiari’s Survivor Series includes THREE Survivor tournaments at different buy-ins: $100 + $10, $200 + $20, and $300 + $30. Survivor events are a great way to build your bankroll: if you are still in it when just 10% of the field is left, you take home an even share of the prize pool!

In addition to these events there will be a $500 + $50 No Limit Hold'em Re-entry tournament (with a standard payout structure) that’s sure to generate a huge prize pool. The winner of Event 2 (the $500 + $50 event) will come back to Playground Poker Club on Sunday July 27th at 5pm to play a Heads-Up match against Antonio Esfandiari for a 2014 WPT Montreal entry!

Event 1: Thursday July 24th at 8:00pm: $100 + $10 Survivor* (10% of field is paid out).
Event 2: (Day 1) Friday July 25th at 12:00pm: $500 + $50 Re-Entry Day 1**
      (Day 2) Saturday July 26th at 12:00pm: $500 + $50 Re-Entry Day 2**
Event 3: Saturday July 26th at 1:00pm: $200 + $20 Survivor* (10% of the field paid out)
Event 4: Sunday July 27th at 1:00pm: $300 + $30 Survivor* (10% of the field paid out)
Heads-Up Match against Antonio Esfandiari: Sunday July 27th at 5:00pm (Winner of Event 2)

* Optional $5 dealer add-on available for 5,000 additional chips
** A 3% staff gratuity will be withheld from the prize pool of this event

For more information please visit the Event Page

The 2014 PokerStars Canada Cup has wrapped up in historic fashion at Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, QC. The series, held from May 16th to 28th, offered poker players 12 events including the $3,300 Main Event, the $10,400 High Roller and the always-huge $150 Re-entry kickoff event that got the ball rolling over two weeks ago.

Overall, the PokerStars Canada Cup was a big success as over 3200 players competed for over $2.8M in prizes over the course of the 13-day series.

The biggest surprise in the whole series came at the end of the Main Event. Play on the final table started quickly, with the first elimination of the day coming just 4 hands into the day, and it proceeded quickly enough through eliminations in 9th through 5th place. When play got down to 4 players, though, things slowed to a crawl as two players – Robert Notkin and Vincent Jacques – had accumulated huge stacks while two others – Justin Miller and Ryan Rivers – hovered around the 10BB mark.

And so it continued for a couple of hours. Justin was actively searching for spots to increase his stack and compete with Vincent and Robert, while Ryan seemed content to simply tread water and try to ladder up from one payout level to the next – a strategy that, so far, was working extremely well for him.

After a couple of hours in seeming stasis, however, everything changed – and a slow finish was transformed into what we believe is the quickest finish in big-event history! You can read about the hand on the Event blog, or you can watch the video here:

Thanks to everyone who came out and played an event (or more) in the 2014 PokerStars Canada Cup!