November 18, 2016 Lefrançois crowned Champion of the High Roller
Pascal Lefrançois has won the $10,000 + $400 NL Hold’em High Roller event in the 2016 Playground Poker Fall Classic presented by! Lefrançois secured the victory by beating Mark Radoja in heads up play after the two of them had dispatched the 39 other players vying for the title. For his victory. Lefrançois won $128,000, the winner’s share after a deal had been concluded with 2 players remaining.

Pascal Lefrançois and Mark Radoja played heads-up for about a half-hour. For those two to end up playing heads-up was a natural outcome, as they had played a lot of hands together since the formation of the final table. They were constantly testing each other in a variety of different scenarios, as if to prepare for the match to come.

They started the heads-up match with even stacks, and were playing for $8,000.00, having split the rest of the pool evenly. Playing 10K/20K/a3K, there were 61 big blinds in play. They played small ball poker, seeing a lot of flops and dancing around one another. Radoja was the first to get a significant chip lead, getting to a 3 to 1 ratio pretty quickly. But then Lefrançois fought back, and eventually the tables were turned, favoring Lefrançois by the same margin. After losing a few more blinds, Radoja set a trap by limping from the button. Lefrançois took the bait, and shoved from the big blind, for an effective bet of 12.5 big blinds (Radoja had 250K left). Radoja made the call and simply opened his hand.

Mark Radoja:
Pascal Lefrançois:

Lefrançois was not in great shape – until the community cards were dealt. The board came , hitting Pascal just enough to give him the pot, and the two friends immediately stood up to shake hands.
Lefrançois crowned Champion of the High Roller