November 18, 2016 Mike Sexton has won the 2016 WPT Montreal!
The certified Hall of Famer, all-around poker legend and the voice and face of the WPT for its entire 15 year history has added to his legend and made history at Playground Poker Club by winning this $3,850 NL Hold’em event, now in its 5th year. For his victory, Mike wins $405,880.00 in cash, a US$ 15,000 entry in the WPT Tournament of Champions, the Playground Poker Champion’s Belt, his name (further) immortalized on the WPT Champions Trophy as well as a gorgeous Hublot watch and a pair of gold Monster 24K headphones!

Mike and his heads up opponent, Benny Chen, engaged in a truly epic heads up battle that lasted 157 hands before a champion could be crowned. Benny proved to be an extremely skilled player and held a large chip advantage for long stretches of the evening, but Mike proved to be up to the challenge and kept on grinding, sometimes with a small stack, sometimes with more… until finally he took the chip lead in hand #262 – and secured the victory just 2 hands later.

In the ultimate hand of the night, Benny was first to act and shipped preflop for 8,150,000 in chips. Mike looked at his cards, let out a “Whoa” and instantly called, turning over . Benny flipped over – and would need some help to keep any of his chips.

The flop was spread from right to left: – a queen was the door card, the final card revealed on the flop. Mike raised a fist into the air in celebration – all he had to do was to fade Benny’s gutshot draw… The turn was which, though it connected well with Benny’s hand and the board was pretty much a blank in reality... and then a real blank on the river, the ! And Mike Sexton was the champion!

Mike Sexton has won the 2016 WPT Montreal!Mike Sexton has won the 2016 WPT Montreal!