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The World Cup of Cards is back for its second year, and this year’s edition promises to be bigger and better than ever! Running from August 13th to September 13th, the WCC features over $6,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools in events designed to appeal to players of all experience levels.

With tournaments of all sizes spread out throughout the month, the World Cup of Cards is all about giving players what they want - fun events, variety, huge guarantees, and a ton of value for their poker-playing dollar.

For the second year in a row, one of the highlights of the WCC is the number of non-Hold’em events on the schedule. Of the 36 events in this 2nd edition of the WCC, 11 will be played in “other” games including PLO8, Crazy Pineapple, and the popular “Roll the Dice” 6-game mixed tournament. There are also several alternative NL Hold’em formats on the calendar like a Shootout, a Mix Max event, and more. Every week features great options for players who want some variety in their poker tournament play!

The 2017 WCC kicks off with the return of the $220 partypoker LIVE Grand Prix Canada with a $1,000,000 prize pool guarantee - double the guarantee of the most recent Grand Prix Canada event at Playground! With 17 Live starting flights and even more Online starting flights, this event is sure to kick off the WCC in style! The Live portion of the Grand Prix Canada will run from August 13th to 21st.

The next big event in the 2017 WCC is the CPPT World Cup of Cards, running from August 25th to 28th. Again this year the tournament will be a $1500 + $150 NL Hold’em event with 2 Day 1s and an awesome $400,000 Guarantee.

The following weekend will be focused on a new event, the Playground1000. With a $1,100 buy-in and 4 Day 1s, this is the second event in the WCC with a $1,000,000 prize pool guarantee.

Last but not least among the marquee events in the WCC is the brand new Canadian Poker Championship. This is a $2,200 NL Hold’em Event that boasts a massive $2,000,000 guarantee featuring 3 single re-entry starting flights and an additional single re-entry turbo starting flight.

There’s more! Playground Poker Club has responded to popular demand by adding two additional $5K 8-Max events plus a $10K High Roller 6-Max event to the schedule. The World Cup of Cards caters to all players, big and small.

In addition to all of these amazing events, the World Cup of Cards will feature a full range of Hold’em and non-Hold’em format events, all managed by what has been called the best tournament poker room in the world: Playground Poker Club.

Welcome to the World Cup of Cards!
The World Cup of Cards returns to Playground Poker ClubThe World Cup of Cards returns to Playground Poker Club
After 16 days of non-stop poker action, the Playground Poker Spring Classic has come to a close. From April 25th through May 10th, poker players from around the world gathered at Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, just outside of Montreal, to play the game they love and compete for huge prizes!

The first event in this year’s Spring Classic was the first of three partypoker LIVE events - the $200 + $20 Grand Prix Canada. With a total of 28 starting Day 1s that began on February 12th on partypoker, this $500,000 Guaranteed event managed to attract a massive 2,570 entries! The Grand Prix Canada Champion was Cassidy Battikha, who took home $84,050.00 for his efforts in the tournament.

With the Grand Prix Canada complete the other side events in the Spring Classic got underway, including 5 events with $220 to $330 buy-ins in several formats: PLO, Bounty, Survivor, and 5-Card PLO. These events were as popular as always, and even with the relatively small buy-ins, they paid out a total of almost half a million dollars in total prizes.

A last-minute addition to the Spring Classic schedule this year was the partypoker LIVE High Roller event, a $10,000 + $300 NL Hold’em re-entry tourney. The event saw 53 entries for a $514,000 prize pool and was won by Mike McDonald, who took home a cool $200,000 for his win.

The cornerstone event of the Spring Classic was the $5,000 + $300 partypoker Million North America, with its massive $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. There were those who thought that it would be impossible to meet such an ambitious guarantee, but with a total of 932 buy-ins and 236 Phase 1 entries, the tournament ended up generating a Canadian record prize pool of over $5.7M! At the end there was just one player left with over 1 Billion tournament chips - Jean-Pascal Savard, who earned a prize of $956,000.00.

Visit the Spring Classic Live Event Blog to see all of the results and reporting from all of the events.

All in all, with over $7,000,000 in prizes distributed across 10 events, the 2017 edition of the Playground Poker Spring Classic has set the new high water mark in Canadian poker history. Next on the agenda is the 2nd World Cup of Cards, coming to Playground Poker Club in August-September 2017.

Spring Classic 2017 - a success in a MILLION ways!Spring Classic 2017 - a success in a MILLION ways!Spring Classic 2017 - a success in a MILLION ways!
The Playground Poker Spring Classic is back for 2017 and it’s bigger and better than ever with two new major events presented under the partypoker LIVE banner including the partypoker Million North America - which boasts the largest prize pool guarantee in Canadian poker history!

The first partypoker LIVE event in North America is the Spring Classic kickoff tournament: the $200 + $20 Grand Prix Canada. With a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool, it’s by far the largest Event #1 in Playground Poker festival history, and with a $220 total buy-in, it offers players an incredible value.

The best part? Players didn’t have to wait for the Spring Classic to play - the Grand Prix Canada has already begun! Online Day 1s have been running since February and there are already a bunch of players that have qualified for Day 2. There’s still plenty of time to join the event, though - there are several scheduled Day 1s on partypoker plus 11 scheduled Live Day 1s beginning on April 25th!

The second partypoker LIVE event in this year’s Spring Classic is the $5,000 + $300 partypoker Million North America. With a massive $5,000,000 prize pool guarantee including a $1,000,000 guaranteed first place payout!

Players may join the Million North America in one of three ways: Direct buy-in, winning a “traditional” satellite ticket, or winning a seat via a Phase 1 tournament. The Phase 1 system is an important poker tournament innovation. Players who win a Phase 1 tournament not only qualify to play in Day 1 of the Million North America, they carry their finishing stack with them. Most players will tend towards the chip average at the end of a Phase 1 - 1M tournament chips - but players may end up with less - or a lot more!

Phase 1s are running now at Playground Poker Club. As well, there are "traditional" satellites into Day 1 on partypoker. Direct buy-in is available now on partypoker and at the cashier at Playground Poker Club.

In addition to the partypoker LIVE events, the Playground Poker Spring Classic consists of 7 other side events, including a $2,300 + $200 2-Day Second Chance event and the return of the massive $500 + $100 + $500 50/50 Bounty tournament. Every event in the Spring Classic has a prize pool guarantee.

The return of the Spring Classic