Tournament Leaderboard

Everyone who finishes in the top 40% of the field in any of the 75+ daily live tournaments will earn points for the TLB. The more points you accumulate, the higher in the standings you’ll climb!

The top 30 players on the final TLB for the month will qualify for an exclusive live Freeroll with huge prizes up for grabs.

Qualifying tourneys

Almost all of the “daily” tournaments hosted at Playground Poker Club count for TLB points. Exceptions include special events, satellites, and tournaments that are part of major festivals.

February TLB Freeroll Date Sunday March 11th
February TLB Freeroll Prizes The top 30 players in the standings will qualify for the TLB freeroll tournament and are guaranteed a prize. First Prize is a Seat in the $5,300 MILLIONS North America. Finishers from 2nd to 10th will each win $1000 on partypoker, and players who finish from 11th to 30th will win a US$109 partypoker tournament ticket. All payouts will be made on partypoker.
1Daniel Gagnon5242
2Janet Humphreys3677
3Daniel Pepin3640
4Kevork Bijian3544
5Gaetan Perreault3467
6Levon Dedeyan3444
7Christos Sfyridis3307
8Remi Bourque3229
9Ryan Garonce3053
10Arthur W2925
11Pascal Gregoire2883
12Patrick Tranquille2794
13Victor Soumis2762
14Maxime Marcouiller2714
15Miguel Goncalo2708
16Rejean Grenier2705
17Michel Abud2693
18Carole Bastien2670
19Lambros Xerakias2625
20Ivan Marcelino De Sousa2623
21Marcello Simonetti2577
22Alexandre Carpentier2425
23Ivan Driard2417
24Dominic Jipos2339
25Philippe Ritchot2339
26David Bonneau2251
27Levon D2247
28Andre Bilodeau2238
29Cedric Dupuis2232
30Frederic Tisseur2140
31Bruno Guerin2123
32Francois Semaan2055
33Sandy Lam2032
34Georges Piron2025
35Roman Ouvarov1966
36Richard Hamelin1891
37Mario Page1885
38Nicholas Soller1868
39Andre Bourgeois1838
40Richard Tossing1792
41Daniel Mackay1758
42Sebastien Rioux1747
43Simon Belzile1747
44Pino Frascione1727
45Shijaudin Daud Sha1721
46Mario Vivarais1693
47Stephane Bedard1689
48Matthew Mclaughlin1668
49Sasan Mehrabian1658
50Vera G1648
51Dave Brochu1622
52Therlegrand Faustin1602
53Simon Tremblay1591
54Karyn Gemmill1577
55Etienne Grenier1556
56Charles Desharnais1555
57Rachid Bahaj1554
58Diego Aguilar1544
59Nick Nickoletopoulos1512
60Mario Bernier1501
61David Sorgente1478
62Karl Gauthier1474
63Sivak Almajian1470
64Roy Rochette1421
65Pascal Quirion1420
66Jean Luc Joseph1418
67Alberto Scuderi1407
68Kerwin Carallo1400
69Brent Croft1394
70Imran Ali Hussain1376
71Vincent Trevisonno1356
72Robert Ouellette1353
73Payman Falsafi1342
74Tristan Bernier1335
75Jean-Guy Robitaille1323
1Alberto Scuderi8178
2Benjamin Menache7817
3Ryan Garonce6142
4David Bonneau5951
5Shijaudin Daud Sha4990
6Arnold Yaxley4888
7Alexandre Carpentier4761
8Rosario Scalia4543
9Trevor Clarke4422
10Levon D4242
11Carrie Webster4222
12Eric Leblond4221
13Michael Chouinard4183
14Arthur W4132
15Marcello Simonetti4126
16Fabien Domenech4108
17Pascal Gregoire4103
18Donald Abdelhay3996
19Maxime Argento3846
20Jean Guy Pare3841
21Vera G3826
22Mario Bernier3800
23Byron Castillo Lopez3756
24Ken Ransom3756
25Francis Charbonneau3679
26Daniel Mackay3613
27Francois Semaan3424
28Daniel Legris3420
29Andre Bilodeau3401
30Daniel Pepin3245
31Alexandre Mongrain3236
32Bob T3130
33Micael Monette3008
34Roy Rochette2980
35Simon Belzile2948
36Maxime Marcouiller2940
37Shawn S2938
38Giovanni Giannitti2918
39Raphael Ohayon2828
40Cedric Dupuis2780
41Martin Poirier2719
42Patrick Sullivan2646
43Sylvain Lalonde2538
44Joshua Caballero-Kowarsky2525
45Eric Ranger2515
46Mark B.2463
47Marc Saddik2449
48Remi Bourque2361
49Nabil N2325
50Loic Virapin-Apou2302
51Johnny Akilian2299
52Guy Lebrun2288
53Rejean Grenier2286
54Alain Corriveau2244
55Rene Theberge2220
56Andre Parent2083
57Ryan Jensen2077
58Raphael Breton-St Jean2066
59Matthew Di Perna1968
60Serge Rondeau1953
61Andre Bourgeois1872
62Steve Daunais1855
63Aboud Georgos1841
64Richard Shamshoum1830
65Stephane Lelievre1819
66Christopher Tavares1807
67Francois Deschamps1781
68Michael Bellizzi1759
69Daniel Deshaies1738
70Daniel Belisle1715
71Brian Morgan1714
72Alain Dufour1712
73Michel Gauthier1697
75Pascal Vaillancourt1680

TLB Scoring Information

The TLB point system is based on an algorithm developed to account for the tournament buy-in amount as well as the size of the field. As such, the points allotted for a certain position will vary depending on the aforementioned data input.

Points: are earned for any regular tournament in which a player finishes in the top 40% of the field.

Please contact if you believe that online points are not being attributed to your score or if you have any other questions or concerns.